como Town Gazette - DECEMBER 2014

Open Year-Round: ZÖBOTA CAFÉ

Be sure to stop by this indoor café, located in the Visitor Center, features chef specials,
hand-tossed salads, unique grilled sandwiches, fresh bakery treats, cheesecake, and Caribou Coffee. Zöbota Café also offers free WiFi to their customers.

See our menu!

Craft Project - WHALE TISSUE BOX

Have a "whale" of a time with your new tissue box cover!



  • Tissue Box
  • Blue Yarn
  • Red crayon
  • Sponge brush
  • Dark blue tissue paper
  • Googly eyes
  • Glue


  1. With a sponge brush, paint the sides and top of a tissue box. 
  2. Wrap the dark blue tissue paper around the top and sides of the tissue box, leaving excess tissue paper on one side.
  3. Twist the excess tissue paper and tie it with the blue yarn to make the whale's tale.
  4. Stick googly eyes on the side of the wrapped tissue box. 
  5. With a crayon, draw the whale's smile on the front.
  6. Tear away the tissue paper on the top and pull the tissues through.
  7. It's a whale tissue box!


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