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HopeKids Night at Como Town

Como Town will host its fourth annual HopeKids night on Tuesday, July 22, 4 – 8 p.m. HopeKids and their families will have the opportunity to enjoy free unlimited rides at Como Town. HopeKids provides ongoing programs of regular events and activities for kids with cancer or a life-threatening medical condition and their families. HopeKids mission is to help restore fun, excitement and hope to what can be a difficult and uncertain future for families who have a child with a life threatening medical condition. For more information, visit


Craft Project - Winged Wonders

2. Starting at one corner, accordion-fold the squares on their diagonals; our folds were 1/4 inch each.

3. Pinch the center of each folded square. Bend a 12-inch pipe cleaner in half and create a small loop. Arrange the squares in a butterfly shape and center them inside the pipe cleaner.

4. To secure the wings, twist the pipe cleaner above and below the wings and curl the ends for antennae.


For more information and tips, check out this craft and more at

This photo originally appeared in FamilyFun Magazine


  • Colorful magazine pages
  • Pipe cleaners


1. For each butterfly, choose 2 colorful magazine pages. Cut out 2 squares, one 5 inches on a side, the other 4.






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